Stand alone machines can be hand fed or integrated into your existing system to check the weight of a product. When a product is dropped onto the weigh-pan its weight is compared with the upper and lower allowable limits as set by the operator on the keypad. If the weight is within tolerance, the product will be tipped to one side of the weigher: if it is outside tolerance, it will be tipped to the other.

The weigher continuously increments the number of 'passes' and 'fails' and this information is displayed, together with the current 'upper' and 'lower' limits, on the unit's integral LCD display. The weight of the current product pack is shown on a large 25mm red LED display.

The PMCW1 is also equipped with a set of auxiliary contacts which can be preset to switch after a particular number of 'passes' have occurred. This facility can be used, for example, to flash a warning beacon or to stop the 'upstream' machine from delivering packets at the end of a batch. .



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