Our team of specialist consultants, with a wealth of knowledge and 30 years experience in packaging, will work with you to produce the most beneficial system that suits your individual requirements.

We achieve this by a combination of flexibility and versatility - at a low cost - to produce the ideal, low maintenance solution to both labour intensive production and problematic or outdated machinery.

Our expertise in the design of automatic counting, weighing and packaging systems enables us to custom build machines that will count, precision-weigh and pack components, ranging from hardware to confectionery, in varying quantities and sizes. Such systems are available from us in a large variety of configurations - a single, free-standing unit to a 30 station multifunction fully automatic system.

- Low cost, robustly constructed LINEAR FEEDER
- A variety of tray sizes and materials available
- 2 years parts guarantee
- Low cost, robustly constructed BOWL FEEDER
- Polyurvethane lined, 700mm diameter, 60mm wide flight
- 2 years parts guarantee



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